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Kyle Odegard commented on Jefferson school bond narrowly failing

Here's a link to an update about the dramatic turnaround in the Jefferson school bond.

Thanks for catching this error. It's more than 300 housing units, not single family houses. We'll have a correction in tomorrow's paper.

Bob -- He'll be required to complete a sex offender treatment program. That's one of several conditions of his supervised probation.

Auction houses charge commission fees, which, along with transportation and other costs, would cut into any profits. Nancy Powell also talked about how there's a desire to keep these statues within the community, and that there are residents interested in buying these treasures.

From what I've been told by city officials, the scoreboards were installed a bit higher at Bryant Park so they can stay out of the floodwater.

Lebanon Fire Chief Gordon Sletmoe. Apologies. I apparently edited out the first reference to him in the story while working on deadline. We'll have a correction in tomorrow's paper and fix it online pronto.

Kyle Odegard commented on Public Safety Log (July 29)

You are correct.

Kyle Odegard commented on Public Safety Log (May 30)

The charges for Ethan Miller were incorrect in an earlier version, and have been corrected.

Point taken. I think that I had McLoughlin down as the father of Oregon in the initial draft, but edited it out because the sentence had the word Oregon in it about five times. I forgot to add that phrase back in when I was finishing up the article, so... Obviously, yes, McLoughlin was much …

Robert - When someone essentially says that a person should die or be killed, those comments are usually deleted. Give me a call at 541-812-6077 if you have any other questions about this general guideline. - ko