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Jennifer Moody

Education Reporter

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Work is expected to begin this fall to install a new automated weather observation system at the Albany Municipal Airport to help improve pilo…

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Uncertainty about enrollment totals for the coming year is prompting Greater Albany Public Schools to recommend adding modular classrooms at N…

Editor's note: This story originally ran in the Albany Democrat-Herald during November 2014. Smith passed away Dec. 14, 2019.

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LEBANON — Lebanon School Board members agreed Thursday to register an alternative education school with the state, but haven't yet decided on …

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JenniferMoody commented on Students support teacher on leave

Hi Jenna, this is Jennifer Moody with the Democrat-Herald. I would very much like to talk with the people who filed the complaints. Context makes a great deal of difference and I was unable to get any from them beforehand, not knowing who might be involved. If you do and are able to put them…

JenniferMoody commented on Making the most of the little things

I love everything about this! Researching immediately!

Still talking. The superintendent is pulling together a committee this month (August) to work up a possible policy and bring it before the board for consideration in September. If it goes through, it would likely start next year.

JenniferMoody commented on PAC begins fire, police bond campaign

Correction made above. The Democrat-Herald regrets the error. Re: the mayor - she was not present during Tuesday's photo shoot.

JenniferMoody commented on One seriously hurt in wreck near Lebanon

Thanks for the correction. That's been fixed now.

JenniferMoody commented on Resident recalls devastating Albany fire

We apologize for any confusion the story may have caused. Many people and organizations, including the ones listed above (starting at the ninth paragraph, "Neighbors, some of whom had never met the family ..." ) joined forces to help Brandy Sunda and her children. The original stor…

See above! :)

JP, sorry for the confusion. The letter writer is a 12-year Brownsville resident, meaning she has lived in Brownsville for the past 12 years. Her actual age, is, I believe, 50. Hope that helps.

JenniferMoody commented on GAPS talks about bond, future goals

Just a clarification: GAPS levies an amount to collect each year that satisfies the conditions of the bond voters approved. If some of it is going instead to the URD, more is collected to make up the difference. So: Yes, money went to CARA. Taxpayers backfilled it, therefore the money WAS th…

JenniferMoody commented on Founder of preschool retiring

Rebecca: I remember my time at Punkin Seed! I was fascinated by dinosaurs, and we did a whole project on them where we got to sculpt dinosaurs out of clay! It doesn't look like much now, but to a three-year-old, it was a masterpiece!

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