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On December 9, 1919, the mid-valley embraced a stunning sheet of new-fallen snow. Just in time for the holidays! Joyous denizens reached for s…

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NOTE: The following recollections were assembled from Facebook/Messenger conversations and/or email exchanges. Special thanks to Mike Sissel a…

To acknowledge Tom Petty’s mortality is to accept the mortality of the people I love most. And to lose Tom Petty is to tear an essential chunk from my existence and maybe from America’s own soul.

Last night I dreamed again of your arms, that it was Monday night and the roads were silent. Before the onslaught. Before the madness. Before Wendy’s ran out of baked potatoes and the world went to hell.

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Cory Frye commented on Thursday Top 7: 1963

Thanks, Steve. Now I've got that silly late-era Four Seasons song running through my brain.

Oh, what a night
Late December back in '63
What a very special time for me
What a Lundy, what a night

Cory Frye commented on Run, Toto, run

I honestly don't remember that evening, Jennifer. What was I wearing?