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Alex Paul


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Volunteers offer Easter greetings, as well as which radio channel to turn to listen to Sunday morning’s “drive-in” Easter service at Holley Ch…

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Carrie Brown tells a worshipper how to swipe a code on her sign to download words to the music being performed by the worship team at the Holl…

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Pastor Kevin Hill addresses a parking lot packed with vehicles during one of three “drive-in” Easter services held Sunday morning at Holley Ch…

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All good, but I love the first one. Was with you when you shot it and knew it was going to be a keeper.

AlexPaul commented on Blog: Instant Media

I would prefer salmon.

AlexPaul commented on Blog: Instant Media

You can put lipstick on a pig and she's still a pig. Socialism is socialism, whether it's called Democratic Socialism or not. It means taking from one to give to another, whether the receiver deserves it or not. To Bernie Sanders, all rich people are evil, even if they started with nothing a…

AlexPaul commented on The 5-cent critic on 'Spotlight'

As a Catholic, I went to the movie with a chip on my shoulder that it would be another Catholic bashing movie. I came away impressed with how Catholics were portrayed and saddened that this was allowed to occur in our church.

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