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    Helen Park wasn’t awake when the Tony Award nominations were announced a few weeks ago. “My agent called me and I was still asleep!” said Park, who bears the distinction of being the first Asian American female composer on Broadway. “When I checked my phone, the first text I saw was, ‘OMG’ and the second was, ‘You’re Tony nominated.’ I just sat on my bed completely speechless for about a good 20 minutes.” Park’s recognition is in the best score category for “KPOP” – the Korean- and English-language musical that had a short run on Broadway. The “KPOP Original Broadway Cast Recording” is available in stores. The 37-year-old New York resident shares photos and stories about her work on Instagram (

      For many travelers, trips to large cities had little appeal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Activities like riding public transportation, touring a museum or attending a professional sporting event often took a back seat to less crowded — and less urban — experiences.In the nation’s 25 largest markets, occupied hotel room nights (a measurement of demand)...

      (CNN) — Last Memorial Day weekend was the inaugural mess in a summer of air travel chaos. With significantly more Americans expected to head to airports this holiday weekend, the strained system is facing its first big seasonal crush. Are travelers in for another hellacious summer?

      Not every airport needs to be a stressful, chaotic experience. You shouldn’t have to stand in long lines only to dig deep into your budget for an overpriced, bland meal and perhaps end up sprinting to your gate.While some people rightfully detest airports, NerdWallet has rounded up a collection of nine U.S. airports that are...

      Are you travelling this Memorial Day weekend? According to AAA, some 42.3 million people are expected to travel over the unofficial start of summer. What’s more, they also indicate 3.4 million of those travellers will be doing so by air… so what can you do to keep ahead of the rest during yo…

      Oh my god, a broken seat on a four hour flight? Yes, it's happened to some of us. But in the face of a situation like that you have to take a deep breath and follow these steps recommended by experts. The Points Guy says the first thing you need to do is test your seat before take off. Resol…

      We all know that vacations are important for our mental well being, but according to a recent study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) estimated that hundreds of millions of people are overworked, which makes them susceptible to he…


      All the experts and many not-quite-so-experts agree that air travel will test your endurance this summer. Planes, airports, gates, even usually serene lounges will be packed. Why expect airport parking to be different? If you plan to drive your car to your departure airport and leave it there until you return, you have to make sure you can get a place. And you want to keep the cost as low as possible. Fortunately, you have options.

      The Irish seem born with a love of music. At social gatherings, everyone's always ready to sing his or her "party piece." Performances are judged less by skill than by uninhibited sincerity or showmanship. Nearly every Irish household has some kind of musical instrument.

      Currently on tour with “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical” (, Zurin Villanueva plays the icon herself. Portraying a living legend can be intimidating, but the actress said she did a lot of prep work to do justice to the real-life Turner. “I feel like I’m still preparing,” she said. “I am constantly learning more things about Tina and adding some to the show. It never stops and I love it. I did plenty of squats and planks, worked with a rock singing coach and did plenty of YouTube university to learn all things Tina.” Being on the road means that “home” is a new place every day, but the actress said it’s also a great way to see the world.

      Florida is banning gender-affirming care for minors, effective immediately. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a series of anti-LGBTQ+ bills on Wednesday. Others address drag shows and how schools handle the use of personal pronouns and bathrooms. Planned Parenthood immediately started canceling appointments for gender-affirming health care. DeSantis has promoted anti-LGBTQ+ legislation as he prepares to seek the GOP presidential nomination. His bill-signing ceremony at an evangelical Christian school had a campaign-like feel, with DeSantis throwing Sharpies to a cheering crowd. State Sen. Shevrin Jones, who is gay, said the governor chose a setting where he was likely to get praise for bigotry.

      For many of those who live in Florida, recent months have brought some changes — many linked to Gov. Ron DeSantis. “Don’t say gay.” Regulation of books and classroom discussion. Teachers, parents and school librarians are all navigating new and uncertain ground. LGBTQ+ rights under attack. A very public spat between the state government and Disney. And at the center of it all is DeSantis, who has emerged as a rival of former President Donald Trump and likely has his eyes set on the White House. Lost in all of this are more traditional concerns like the rising cost of living. Rents are going sky-high and property insurance is becoming less available and less affordable.

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