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Happy Trails Records, the venerable Corvallis music shop, quietly celebrated its 45th anniversary Friday.

The screen hanging on the wall by the new banquette inspired the color of the chairs. Leicht says he found the artwork lying on a bed in the house and knew it would be perfect for the space.

Bjerkan created the design for the laundry closet herself, with her contractor providing a second set of eyes on the concept and Bjerkan’s measurements. Here is the new laundry space, as seen from the inside of the dining room. The louvered doors provide ventilation. Bjerkan also considered working around a cabinet that she had inherited from her great-grandmother, shown in this photo.

Check local building codes to make sure the fence you choose meets the guidelines.Talk with your neighbors and let them know when and where you’re building the fence, as a courtesy.Make sure you know where your property line starts and ends. If you’re unsure, hire a land surveyor.Think about materials and how much work you’re willing to put into maintaining the fence. Wood is going to require more work than something like vinyl. You’ll also want to consider what’s most practical for your climate.Front-yard fences are all about the look — if picket fencing around your entire yard would be too expensive, put it just in front and use something less expensive for what isn’t visible from the street.There’s some fluidity in fence styles, so don’t feel that choosing one will box you in to a material choice. Most fences fit within the following styles.

This rustic style of fencing is usually found in rural settings or around farmhouses. It consists of interlocking horizontally stacked wooden rails and is usually relatively inexpensive. However, since these fences are often made of untreated wood, zigzag rails can show significant wear and tear within a year.

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