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Internet Safety

The latest parental panic on social media — over a purported challenge for kids to complete harmful tasks — elevates the importance of establishing an open dialogue with children and taking advantage of online parental controls.

If your kid’s online, there have probably been times when you’ve wanted to track everything they’ve texted, see their entire social media history, or just shut off the internet entirely. Those are the times you wish for the perfect parental controls — something that will grant you all the access and authority you want without making a bad situation worse. The truth is, while clicking a few buttons on a hardware device or downloading a monitoring service seem like no-brainers, the most effective parental control is free and knows your kid very well. That’s right: It’s you. Digital tools and settings can help you stay on top of your kid’s online life, but can’t replace staying involved, having conversations, and helping them make responsible choices. Need more convincing? Here are the key reasons why you are the best parental control around:

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