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Fresh Air

To lower the use and expense of air conditioning a home in the dog days of summer, consider installing a whole house fan to cool it down. The fan, usually installed on the second floor in the ceiling, is designed to pull air through open windows and doors and exhaust it out through the attic to the outdoors. It works best in the evening as the temperature drops, so fresh air is pulled in and forces hot air through attic vents. By morning you’ll be reaching for a blanket after a cool night’s sleep.

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Consider your outdoor space if you have one. Remember that hygge isn’t an escape of winter weather but an embrace of it. Create an outside space that’s functional and fun in the colder weather.

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The acreage that Kim Byung-rok bought on a quiet mountain in South Korea a few years ago was meant for farming and fresh air. But after the pandemic hit, he offered a big chunk of it to the local government, figuring it could be put to good use helping others.

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Plan lots of outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, rafting and fishing all provide plenty of fresh air and the chance to appreciate wide open spaces. Traveling as a pod also means you can more easily organize a private float, tour or ride into the wilderness without sharing the adventure with others outside your bubble.

Whether you're a social, anxious or restrained introvert (or a combination of any), there's a perfect place for you — and some you've maybe never even considered.

The oldest trick of the trade for magnifying a view? A mirror. Place one wherever it captures the best reflection of the outdoors and you’ll feel as though you’re enjoying fresh air even with a roof over your head.

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ARIES (March 21-April 19): Precision is the key word. Invent the very best "new you" by focusing on achieving more realistic goals. Pursue hob…

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The end of last week brought another personnel bombshell from the city of Lebanon, but when the smoke finally clears, the city’s leaders shoul…

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