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While tax-advantaged retirement accounts, like 401(k)s and IRAs, are the most common way Americans own stocks, it’s possible—and even advisable—to choose taxable investment accounts for some of your financial goals. While taxable investment accounts aren’t right for every situation, but they could be a good fit for some of your investing dollars. What Is a […]

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the world’s largest stock exchange, with the market capitalization of its listed companies clocking in at a whopping $24.5 trillion. Over nine million corporate stocks and securities are traded on the NYSE every day. Some of the biggest companies trade on the NYSE, particularly within the technology, healthcare, […]

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Timeshares offer travelers an alternative to traditional lodging options like hotels and resorts. If you vacation in a timeshare, it’s more private, you generally have more space, and you have amenities like a kitchen, washer/dryer and dining area. What Insurance Is Provided by a Timeshare Company? To find out what your particular timeshare provides for […]

If you cannot afford your federal student loan payments, you may qualify for a deferment program that allows you to postpone your payments temporarily. As of the first quarter of 2020—the latest reported data before the CARES Act suspended loan payments—approximately 90,000 borrowers were enrolled in economic hardship deferment, holding $3.5 billion in outstanding student […]

Consumer confidence continues to tick upward, but there’s still a gap between outlook and reality for many Americans. This week, the Forbes Advisor-Ipsos Consumer Confidence Weekly Tracker saw an all-time high for its expectations index, which measures consumers’ outlook on their personal financial situation, community economy and employment. It reached 70.6 (out of 100)—the previous […]

Owning international stocks—the shares of companies located outside your home country—can help diversify your portfolios, hedge against risk and tap into growth in economies beyond your own. Here’s what you need to know to start adding stamps to your investing passport. Why Should You Buy International Stocks? You probably already know how important diversification is […]

A CPA, or certified public accountant, is a highly trained financial professional specializing in accounting. Though many people associate CPAs solely with tax preparation, they perform a wide variety of financial-related tasks, from financial reporting to audit work and forensic research. CPA Requirements The requirements to become a CPA vary state by state. Generally speaking, […]

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Miles and points junkies play a fun game called “chase the fare.” If you’re not familiar, when some crazy low airfare comes up, you don’t think, you just book… and then figure out what you will do when you get there. It’s why you’ll see bunches of folks on Twitter going to and from places […]

A loan takes place when a lender, like a traditional bank or online lender, extends a set amount of cash to a borrower. In exchange, the borrower agrees to repay the loan at a specified interest rate over the course of a set loan term. Whether you’re considering a small personal loan or a larger […]

There’s a lot at stake when buying a home. After all, it’s likely the biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. The last thing you want is to close on your dream home only to have a bank come knocking on the door later questioning who has the legal right to the property. That’s where […]

When you’re looking for a financial advisor, you’ll see any number of certifications and credentials listed on the business cards and websites of prospective candidates. From CPAs to CFAs, ChFCs to IARs, the long and growing list can be overwhelming. But understanding what all of these acronyms stand for allows you to choose the best […]

One of the more mysterious types of financial aid is merit aid, which is scholarship money that colleges provide to incoming students based on their grades, test scores, artistic skill, athletic ability or other achievements. Unlike need-based financial aid, the amount of merit aid you receive is not related to your or your parents’ financial […]

When you receive a financial aid award letter from a college that’s accepted you, excitement can quickly turn to confusion. Colleges typically don’t use a standardized format to present the types and amounts of financial aid that you qualify for. In fact, your offer may not be an “award” at all; it can include loans […]

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 establishes minimum standards for retirement and health plans in the private sector. With ERISA, Congress enacted tax and labor standards for employer benefit plans, to protect employees. What Is ERISA? ERISA is a federal law enforcing minimum standards for most retirement and health plans in the […]

Return on equity (ROE) is a financial ratio that tells you how much profit a public company earns in comparison to the net assets it holds. ROE is very useful for comparing the performance of similar companies in the same industry and can show you which are making most efficient use of their (and by […]

Nothing about this school year has been normal for college students. Amid cautious campus reopenings, setbacks have arisen. In recent weeks, a college hockey game in Utica, New York, ended mid-period due to a player’s positive Covid-19 test; the University of California, Davis, offered students $75 grants to opt out of spring break travel; and […]

Return on assets (ROA) is a measure of how efficiently a company uses the assets it owns to generate profits. Managers, analysts and investors use ROA to evaluate a company’s financial health. What Is ROA? Return on assets compares the value of a business’s assets with the profits it creates over a set period of […]

If secretly taking out a life insurance policy on someone else shortly before that person meets with an untimely end seems like something that only happens in the movies, you’d be right. Insurers won’t let you buy a policy for another adult without that person’s knowledge. That doesn’t mean purchasing life insurance on someone else […]

Affordable housing will take some of the $2.3 trillion pie President Joe Biden is serving up as part of his sweeping American Jobs Plan. The wall-to-wall infrastructure plan, announced Wednesday, allocates $213 billion for a wide variety of housing issues designed to help low-income households and home buyers on a tight budget. In its briefing […]

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April kicks off Financial Literacy Month, a nationally recognized campaign to bring awareness to the need for more financial education in schools and for adults. The campaign has been around for decades, yet you may have never heard of it. Here’s a look at the ins and outs of Financial Literacy Month, how it came […]

Families with children who have disabilities can save for their children’s future, including attendance at a higher education institution, in an Achieving a Better Life Experience, or ABLE, account. The Weinsteins are one of those families. “My 16-year old son, Eli, has severe autism and will likely live out his adult years in a group […]

Decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to manage financial transactions. DeFi aims to democratize finance by replacing legacy, centralized institutions with peer-to-peer relationships that can provide a full spectrum of financial services, from everyday banking, loans and mortgages, to complicated contractual relationships and asset trading. Centralized Finance Today Today, almost […]

Americans are again reaching new highs when it comes to their financial confidence in the pandemic era. But women still lag behind men, indicating ongoing struggles for those who are still unemployed—or left the workforce altogether. Overall confidence hit 59.7 this week, measured by the Forbes Advisor-Ipsos U.S. Consumer Confidence Weekly Tracker. That’s its highest […]

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