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We've already covered the possible risk in glorifying the past with your ex, but reflecting on all the awesome moments of your life that had nothing to do with that person can help remind you what a kick-ass person you were and will be without them.

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Whether your relationship lasted six years or six weeks, you likely got very used to being attached at the hip to another human. It's time to do the thing you always wanted but never go to do. We're talking bigger than hobbies. Go for the once-in-a-lifetime stuff like skydiving, a solo trip to another country, or backpacking in the woods!

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Sometimes it's hard to know for certain if your partner is over an ex. At the end of Season 5, Chandler is put in just this spot when he learns Monica met up with ex-boyfriend Richard (Tom Selleck) — even if the encounter left her with no romantic notions.

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