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Police were investigating a "social media" incident Friday morning at South Albany High School involving students added to an online Snapchat group headed by a person calling himself "School Shooter." 

Albany police spent three hours Friday morning investigating a social media report at South Albany High School that turned out to be a prank by a 13-year-old boy.

Lt. Travis Giboney of the Albany Police Department said officers received a report at 10:58 a.m. that some South students had been added to a group chat on Snapchat organized by someone with the online name "School Shooter." 

"A local 13-year-old was referred for disorderly conduct," Giboney said. "It was a joke. Just a kid, thinking he was being funny." 

Giboney said officers took the situation seriously but were confident early on no threat was involved or any situation that would put students at risk.

Officers were on hand at the school until shortly after 2 p.m. Classes went on as usual, said Jim Haggart, executive assistant to the superintendent.

Information was not immediately available as to how many students were added to the online chat. 

Giboney called the situation "disruptive" but said there was no indication it was ever dangerous.

South Albany, at 3705 SE Columbus, has an enrollment of a little more than 1,300 students this year in ninth through 12th grades.

Snapchat is an online image and messaging platform. Users can "chat" with their friends by sending them photos or short videos up to 10 seconds long.

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