Mailbox: Political deception threat to society

Mailbox: Political deception threat to society


Mental health professionals see the most dangerousness arising from individuals suffering from false beliefs of persecution or grandiosity. These individuals see the world as a frightful place, full of threats to their personal integrity and safety. They are susceptible to stories that support these beliefs and resist any evidence to the contrary.

Further, for those with some sense of reality, those for whom these false beliefs arise from a personality defect, will often seek out others with similar worldviews. These are the type to find haven in militias and other hate groups. But for those with the most extreme delusions, those who have lost any sense of reality, isolation leading to violent lashing out are their only recourse.

The current American regime feeds and encourages both types of delusional individuals with its repetitive denial of facts, reliance on misinformation, and support for conspiracies of all sorts. By using us-versus-them language, the current regime fosters division, exaggerating the number and influence of ethnic and religious minorities and fomenting old hatreds.

Fortunately, the number of individuals who fit into these categories is small. Nevertheless, through various social media their influence is outsized. Therefore, it is incumbent upon those with a firmer grasp of reality to carefully review whatever they encounter in social media and elsewhere.

Facts refute much of what the current regime would have us believe. But like all authoritarian regimes, ours uses lies and half-truths to deceive, divert and misdirect.

Robert Harris



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