Regarding Jim Carver's Sept. 20 response to Steve Rose's Sept. 5 letter:

Does one really need a medical degree to have an opinion concerning someone's mental health? Is it unethical to have or state an opinion unless you're a professional on the subject?

Jim, "be advised" that one of the last remaining freedoms we enjoy is the ability to think for ourselves or make up our own mind.

You're also making a diagnosis, evaluation, and conclusion. What is your professional degree in?

Does a person need to be a trained professional to determine whether they should report a potential school shooting, suicide, or terrorist plot?

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How about a different arena: How many of the high school students who participated in the Strike Against Global Warming were professional environmental engineers?

Not trying to "sell" you, just noting the world has changed and taking responsibility on a variety of subjects, to include mental assessment, is now everyone's concern.

And the freedom to say so shouldn't be taken for granted either.

Jeff Senders

Albany (Sept. 21)

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