In reference to Carolyn Krabill's letter (Mailbag, April 2), I would like to thank her for her heartfelt and compassionate letter. In it, she states the Commandment "Thou shalt not kill." Pretty straightforward. Why then is it, America, there is so much demand for guns? Maybe the Second Amendment to the Constitution affords every American the "right" to own a gun. (I believe it does not). Even if it does give you the "right" to own a gun, why in the name of God would you want to? Guns have only one purpose and that is to kill. Assault rifles have the purpose of killing many human beings at a rapid-fire rate. Why would you want one?

Guns are an epidemic in America. As I write this, I can't prove there are afterlife consequences for breaking God's commandments, nor can anyone prove to me that there are not. Isn't it a big chance to take?

Barbara Love

Albany (April 2)

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