What do these people on this list have in common? I will tell you: All these people were murdered or raped or killed in a drunk driving accident. Another thing they have in common is the fact that they were all killed by an illegal alien. And this is a partial list for just 2019 so far. If you go back 20 years, the list is enormous. And all these deaths were 100% preventable by sealing our border and only letting immigrants in through a legal process. This list does not address the thousands of people each year who die from drug overdoses from drugs brought across the southern border; there were 70,000 OD deaths in 2018 alone.

Shayley Estes, 22; Michael Ferazzi. 62; Dominic Durden 30; Lu Thi Harris, 81; Brandon Michael, 21; Randy Norman, 49; Paige Gomer 27; Deputy Ryan Thompson; Bambi Larson; Jamar Beach; Logan Wilson; Jessica Wilson; Jerry David; Sherri David; Sophia Renken; Connie Koontz; Deputy Josie Fox; Albert Mazza; Daniel Pereira; Edward Corr; Jo-Ann Corr; Arron Perry; Desma Oakes. i said this is a partial list because we are only in the eighth month of 2019 and undoubtedly more legal American citizens are going to die by the hands of illegal aliens in these next four months of 2019.

To repeat, all these deaths were 100% avoidable if we had a secure and nonporous boarder. President Trump is working hard every day to seal the border and Democrats are working hard every day to obstruct and have open borders.

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Matthew Goss

Lebanon (Aug. 28)

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