Oregon senators, in reference to the Oregon carbon tax, consider this information:

"Oregonians emit less than one-sixth of 1 percent (0.14%) of global carbon. When the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality director, Richard Whitman, was asked by Rep. David Brock Smith in committee what impact on global carbon would occur if Oregon were to reduce its emissions to zero, DEQ Director Whitman responded: 'Representative Brock Smith, you are correct. That Oregon's portion of global carbon emissions is, I'll use the word minuscule.' When Dr. Philip Mote, director, Oregon Climate Services and Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, was asked in committee by Rep. Brock Smith what the impact would be on the global climate if Oregon were to reduce its emissions to zero, Dr. Mote responded the impact would be 'imperceptible.'"

In spite of the facts of Oregon's minimal or imperceptible impact on carbon emissions and global warming, why are you voting to kill Oregon jobs for hardworking families.

This is an example of being blind to the facts, and pushing forth your agenda. Why? That is the question. 

Milon Whittier

Lyons (June 27)

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