So, it's a "Do-Nothing Congress, huh? Think back to the recent years when the Senate, and the House of Representatives were under Republican control. Remember when America didn't have health care? As weak as the Affordable Care Act is, the Republicans still don't have a health care plan. Remember when the Republicans stopped unemployment extensions when insurance ran out? If you do remember, you are aware that gave a big start to homelessness in this country. How were people supposed to maintain a home, a car ... hence a job, (no transportation) without an income?

You will recall the 1995 Joint Economic Committee's "Family First Act," in which the Republican Senate and House were giving a $500 tax credit to each child in every household household making above $17,000 a year for school clothes and incidentals. And what about incidentals for households making less than $17,000 annually? "They don't pay taxes" was the reply. Indeed!

Contrast the many takeaways brought about by the wealthy Republican Congress, to the following:

Since January 2019, the Democratic House has passed HR-3, a prescription drug bill; HR-8, on gun background checks; HR-12, voter empowerment; HR-9, climate action now act, having America rejoin the Paris Accords; HR-31 Syrian Civilian Protection Act; HR-3616, Clean Water Act; HR-547, Veteran Safety Act; and HR-109 the Green New Deal, for starters. Where is all this passed legislation now? DOA in the Senate, sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk!

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Now, ask yourselves: Which party is working for We the People? Read, people, read!

Barbara Love

Albany (Oct. 5)

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