This week, I felt the void of losing Rep. Andy Olson, and his leadership, in the state House. I disagreed with Olson on most issues, but I always appreciated his willingness to listen to others and feel like he allowed decency and normalcy to prevail in times of hyperpartisanship. I can’t say the same for Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis.

Coming up on a week of Senate Republicans in hiding, we haven’t heard a single Republican, including Boshart Davis, denounce the despicable remarks of Sen. Brian Boquist, who threatened to shoot and kill any Oregon State Police officer who shows up to take him back to the capital to — you know — do his job. Boshart did, however, post a picture on her Facebook page glorifying Boquist and his colleagues in hiding. So long, decency and normalcy.

State GOP officials continue to mock Senate Democrats for canceling a Saturday floor hearing after Oregon State Police recommended not showing up for fear of self-proclaimed “militia members” (most reasonable people and dictionaries would refer to them as domestic terrorists) staging an armed demonstration at the Capitol. No such demonstration occurred, but the GOP continued to poke fun at the Democrats for not showing up (the irony is overwhelming at this point)., including sending their “thoughts and prayers;” because nothing is more humorous than using the same tired line we hear every time a classroom full of children are murdered in shootings that only happen in our country primarily because of the GOP’s own unwillingness to take weapons of war out of the hands of civilians. But hey – they sure owned the libs!

Even further, a few months ago Linn County Commissioner John Lindsey was found guilty of multiple ethics violations. Discipline is left up to his colleagues on the commission — Roger Nyquist and Will Tucker did nothing. The only option voters have to hold Lindsey accountable would be a recall.

This isn’t about the issues. This is about putting your party in front of your constituency. Local elected Republicans have made a habit of putting party first and if their colleagues and the press won’t hold them accountable, voters need to.

Bobby Schueller

Albany (June 24)

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