Mailbag: What Trump is doing

Mailbag: What Trump is doing


Re: James Farmer's letter (Mailbag, Nov. 22):

I have come to the conclusion that people who support our current president are not paying attention, getting their news from biased and limited sources, are not well-educated, or plain just don't care. Or — and this is a big one — are beneficiaries of the tax cuts this administration passed; in other words, big business and the well-off.

They have already rescinded 85 EPA laws that destroy clean air and water among many other actions that benefit big business. They (Trump's administration) have backed out of almost every global trade and security agreement the U.S. was participating in, and our president continues to worship bad guys and crooks around the world. Just look at the mess he and his Cabinet are in now.

I have read the Steele dossier, the intelligence agencies' report, the Mueller Report cover to cover, watch some Fox News, some MSNBC news and read three newspapers daily.

Now he's had one of his personal attorneys (William Barr, attorney general/DOJ) submit a bid to restart federal executions after a 16-year hiatus. Get your info from varied sources.

Bob Uriarte



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