Mailbag: What happened to compassion, courtesy?

Mailbag: What happened to compassion, courtesy?


I am dismayed — even heartbroken — by the letters each demonizing the other side in our political arena, whether Republican or Democrat. There is no trust, no understanding of each other, only an assumption of utter evil by those who disagree with "our" side, whichever one it is.

Each side is unable or unwilling to see the other side as fellow human beings who, like "us," want the best for their children and grandchildren — and for our nation, as well.

How has it happened that simple courtesy, kindness, and compassion for the feelings of others (manners, if you will) has devolved into "Political Correctness," abbreviated as "PC," and usually spoken with a snarl?

In my day, we even read Miss Manners to try to never offend another human being's sensibilities. Today, it is considered an evil thing to take a minority's feelings into account. It is "un-American" to feel sympathy for those seeking refuge. It is "disregarding the law" to want to help desperate immigrants find a new life in our great country.


How can it hurt to try to put yourself into the "moccasins" of a person outside your own ethnic group? How can trying to understand their pain be a bad thing?

Please, everyone, let go of this rampant anger that’s feeding on irrational fear, like a California wildfire blown into an inferno by the winds. There is no "evil plot" on either side.

Open wide your hearts again.

June Forsyth Kenagy

Albany (Nov. 5)


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