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Regarding Senator Merkley's visit to the area last week ("Merkley barnstorms mid-valley," Jan. 4): Did anyone else notice that he is more concerned about the children of illegals than the people who he is supposed to represent?

Several times now he has gone down to the border to see how these children are being treated. Has he ever visited the children of parents who have been slain by illegals? Has he mentioned the tragedy of the slain police officer who came into this country legally and served but then was killed by illegals?

And Mr. Merkley wants to do away with the Electoral College so the four most populous states will elect the president.

So what good is this senator to us? He wants to represent everyone but the people who elected him. And our reporter Bennett Hall seems to be more interested in the clothing he wore. Hey, Bennett, did you notice the crease in his slacks as well?

Steve Nofziger

Tangent (Jan. 9)

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