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Mailbag: We must follow our Constitution

Mailbag: We must follow our Constitution

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[Written on July 1] Three days before we celebrate our democracy, I fear we are witnessing circumstances that remind me of a time in our history just before Fort Sumter was attacked by John Brown.

We have become a divided nation with a divided government. I hope and pray that it doesn’t get any bloodier than it has (insurrection casualties). But let’s face facts: When one half of our congress doesn’t work or has been convinced by untruths and outright lies, we are in trouble, big trouble.

It is a fact that rural areas all over the world are more conservative than urban areas. But we are talking about big differences in an idea: the idea that all men are created equal, and that America is the land of the free and home of the brave.

Then why, if all men are equal, are black and brown and yellow men having laws in 48 states that try to suppress their equality for their right to vote?

What’s worse is that half (almost) of our general population goes along with that idea, and half of the congress agrees.

We must at all costs retain our moral and legal obligations to follow our Constitution, or America will lose its reputation as a beacon of freedom, liberty and justice for all its people and for most of the freedom-loving world to count on and the rest to aspire to. God bless America.

Robert R. Uriarte




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