Mailbag: We get the government we deserve

Mailbag: We get the government we deserve


Mr. England's letter (Nov. 21) suggests that history will not be kind to Trump, his cronies in Congress or the Republican Party.

How did this happen?

First, one needs to understand he was elected with less than 22% of the eligible vote.

Second, Democrats, through a process which was anything but democratic, nominated the least electable candidate.

Third, Trump talked about some things which sounded good, if you didn't study his history enough to understand the man was a liar and a cheat who only served himself.

Fourth, our system of campaign finance encourages politicians to serve wealthy campaign contributors before the Constitution or the citizens.

Fifth, there was a time when no single entity could own more than three news outlets in a single market. Today, between Fox and Sinclair, over half are controlled by the ultraconservative.

England speaks of the unconstitutionality of the actions of Trump and his cronies. One would have to reside under a rock not to recognize these.

Democrats are no better. Their admirable desire to reduce gun violence has led them to believe the myth that less gun density will lead to less death. Nothing could be further from the truth. In their misguided zeal to undermine the Second Amendment, they are willing to deny due process, protections against undue search and seizure, the presumption of innocence and others.

In short, we are being governed by a government which refuses to respect either the Constitution or the citizens.

In a democracy, whose fault is that? 

Frank Lathen



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