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Mailbag: Vote to remove this president

Mailbag: Vote to remove this president


We are experiencing a failure of leadership in Donald Trump.

From the trauma of the coronavirus to the painful racial divide made clear after the brutal killing of George Floyd, he chooses division over healing.

Protests swept across the country following a history of unjustified killings of people of color. Instead of acknowledging the legitimacy of protests, he’s outraged. For the minority of protesters who turned to violence, he demands severe punishment and ignores the justification for the Black Lives Matter movement.

We witnessed the violent clearing of peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square so he could stand, holding a Bible he doesn’t read in front of a church he doesn’t enter. For a photo op. He upholds the Confederate flag as an honorable place in American history. Insulting.

A pandemic is threatening life in America. Instead of bringing all the power and resources of the government together in a federal response to stem the spread of COVID-19, he has separated us from the rest of the world and sows division across the country.

He blames governors and mayors for not doing their jobs, and undermines those who are doing their best to inform and guide. What he specializes in is threats, denial, grievance and misinformation.

Today’s national crises presented an opportunity to rise above his personal grievances and fragile ego and lead to unite. He’s missed it.

Please vote in November and remove this very destructive president and his crowd of enablers from our democracy.

Maxine Prickel



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