Our city’s first goal is to provide and maintain “great neighborhoods.” Our local grade schools have been a major factor in maintaining and, in my case, rejuvenating that vision.

Now, Jim Jansen is running for our GAPS school board to promote this ideal. He sees a need to make our local grade schools more parent and community friendly so all our kids can have a more enjoyable and productive experience.

Jim sees the sister school concept and the bussing it requires as a barrier. A return to K-5 grade schools in our walkable neighborhoods will encourage parents to become acquainted, join parent teacher organizations and perhaps help in the classroom. There might even be a return to our kids taking field trips to our local museums, the Monteith House, the carousel and local government buildings.

More cohesive schools will provide more student pride in and attachment to their local school, less bullying, and better learning.

Please join me in voting for my good neighbor Jim Jansen for GAPS school board.

Dick Olsen

Albany (May 3)

Dick Olsen is an Albany city councilor for Ward 1A

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