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In every private sector position I am aware of, if an employee does not perform to his or her expectations, that employee is terminated. Unfortunately, the same does not apply in the public sector. Far too many politicians take their constituents for granted and seem to believe their position is a lifetime career. I don’t believe that is how our Founding Fathers planned it.

Congressman Peter DeFazio has been in office for 31 years with little to show. He is a Progressive Democrat that has failed many of the people he represents. For those who don’t agree with his views, they are pushed aside like second-class citizens.

As a conservative living in the Willamette Valley, I am DeFazio’s constituent, but he does not represent my views, nor does he represent the views of Christian conservatives in the Valley. I have written DeFazio expressing my disappointment of his actions and gotten nothing but a form letter thanking me for my “support.”

There is a person who would better suit the needs of people in the 4th Congressional District. She is a Christian Constitutional conservative, a strong Second Amendment supporter, actually cares for vets, supports term limits and has been endorsed by Oregon Right To Life. Her name is Jo Rae Perkins. She believes in smaller government, will fight for a balanced budget and strongly supports President Trump.

It’s time for main-street conservative Oregonians to step up and elect the person who will support what others have been ignoring. I implore you to vote for Jo Rae Perkins for Oregon’s 4th Congressional District and end the punishment from Oregon’s progressive masters.

Dale Hummel

Albany (May 9)

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