The first time I met Shelly was playing volleyball on a club team during high school. I was a middle hitter and she was my setter. We parted ways after a couple seasons, and then more than a decade later, I moved to Albany and we crossed paths when our daughters started playing sports against each other! Shelly is the same person she was as a teenager — hard working, driven, motivated and fiercely dedicated to whatever she is doing.

As a wife of a firefighter and as a mom, I know that Shelly Boshart Davis is the right choice for House District 15. Shelly supports our first responders and understands issues affecting all of our children. Like all parents, I want my kids to be able to have a wide range of opportunities available to them. Shelly knows more needs to be done in the high schools to prepare our kids for future employment, including increasing the career and technical skills our students are lacking. Shelly is already dedicated to finding solutions.

Shelly being part of this community her entire life and continuously supporting so many organizations from Boys & Girls Clubs to United Way to YMCA shows a dedication that should inspire us all.

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Sadie Bernt

Albany (Oct. 11)

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