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There couldn't be two more different takes on the national and international scene than the columns of Michael Gerson (Opinion, Nov. 20) and Marc Thiessen (Opinion, Nov. 18).

Gerson stands for moral and legal structures built on the principle of human dignity and human rights for all. He mourns the amnesia of the many, and those who ignore the result of excessive nationalism — the death of millions.

Thiessen celebrates Trump's destabilizing of international order. Unbelievable for a journalist, he peddles Trump's Big Lie, fake news. However, he worries that the president's racism might mar his "achievements," but fully supports his racist policies.

Gerson on one hand is a defender of the treaties the U.S. has ratified to stabilize the global economic and political order. Thiessen is for Trump tearing them up. He goes further: When the NATO nations resisted Trump's tactics, he favored punishing the Germans by moving the American garrison from Stuttgart to Warsaw. After all, nationalist Poles in Warsaw shouted, "Trump, Trump, Trump." Berliners did not.

Franz Schneider

Albany (Dec. 3)

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