I'm compelled to respond to Mr. Farmer's nonsensical letter of June 24, in which he argued that the media were inciting hate against President Trump.

If Mr. Farmer is interested in "incitement to hate," all he need do is watch what happens at one of those "Nuremberg rallies" Trump has periodically around the country. Specifically, watch the reaction whenever Trump mentions the media, or Hillary Clinton, or Muslims, or refugees, or liberals, or whatever else may be the "hatred du jour."

It's pure Orwellian "two minutes hate!"

That political tradition calls it "firing up the base." In reality it's always been drumming up hatred — nothing else. Trump and his ardent supporters are arguably defined solely by their hatreds. Arguably, their hatreds are their most prized, sacred possessions. It's basically why whenever one of 'em points the "doing or inciting hatred' finger at anyone else, it's no more than what psychologists call "projection" - but that's a whole other letter.

And we see no shortage of the products of that hatred - from Charlottesville to Las Vegas - but that's also another, very long and getting longer, letter.

There are legitimate criticisms of commercial media in this country, but this "incitement to hate" stuff is yet another demonization campaign by hard-right politics — they have so many.

Bill Halsey

Albany (June 27)

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