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I watched as a young black girl in Florida screamed at President Trump for the shooting at her high school. For all his faults, Trump had nothing to do with this.

Where lie the faults? Whoever said guns don't kill people, people kill people said a mouthful.

Where lie the faults:

• The U.S. Supreme Court struck Bibles and prayer out of our schools, thus removing all moral guidance.

• Not one word was spoken about video games, which kill people by the thousands.

• Not one word about TV which is a moral snakepit, killing by the thousands and morally corrupting everyone, not just kids.

• Not one word about Hollywood which is society corrupting beyond, beyond.

Who is willing to stop this? No one! That means we should, not only expect shootings, but accept them. There are 350 million guns in the United States. If someone wants a gun, all the background checks in the world won't stop it. Either restructure the society or watch as the United States destroys itself. I watched as the liberal media drove Tim Tebow out of the NFL because he was religious. Anyone who is religious in the media is made to look a fool. As I said ... end of society.

John Penrod

Lebanon (Feb. 19)


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