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In reply to Bob Wynhausen's (Mailbag, Feb. 1) opinion:

Bob, I can see why you have incredulity when it comes to Trump. Fake news won't tell you the truth so where could you really learn it? Your comparing him to an arsonist tells the entire picture that your news feed is so biased that you can't know what the truth is. Trump has done so much good in so short of time it makes folks realize they have been taken by their political party. Our political parties have no shame and that's why Trump was voted in.

I get it, Bob, you were lied to by the parties and the pollsters when they said Trump couldn't possibly win. All the news feeds told you he had no chance and Hillary was your next POTUS so it hurt really bad when all the lies hit home. Those who lied to you then feed you more lies to stir up hate with 90 percent of the stories in the news feeds being hate Trump.

Bob, I love my country, too, and it really bothers me how divided we have become. How can we heal the divisions when we don't hear the truth? Trump has done a number of good things you won't hear about but one of the biggest was fixing the health care system for our veterans. Those who sacrificed for us had been abused for decades by our politicians and Trump fixed the problem quickly. Trump isn't an arsonist, he is a builder.

James Farmer

Albany (Dec. 4)

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