In reply to Rick Siegert's letter (Mailbag, May 9) hoping Trump is found out:

Isn't this loads of fun Rick, what interesting times we live in. Your hope that Trump will be found out to be some sort of scoundrel is wasted, sir. Two years and millions investigating him and they have nothing to take him to trial over. Oh my gosh what if he is innocent? Rick will you still be firmly anti-Trump if you find out all the charges are just your corrupt Democrats doing everything they can to destroy the vote of the people?

Oh, heck, they would never bring false charges would they? Say did they put Kavanaugh in prison yet for all the charges they accused him of? Did they lock up that 16-year-old church kid yet for his bad luck of buying a Trump hat and meeting an Indian protest group on the mall? Kid was just horrible and needed to be destroyed for wearing that Trump hat.

About about this Attorney General accusation going on now when the Democrat's demand Barr break the laws they created or be held in contempt. Kind of a no win there but it does show everything is about politics and power.

The winners, Rick, are the American people because while the Democrat's are working to throw out the best POTUS we ever had, Trump is build a better America around them. So, don't worry until Trump is gone and the real corruption takes over again.

James Farmer

Albany (May 9)

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