Thank you to the members of the Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe for the meaningful insert in the Democrat-Herald on Independence Day, July 4.

A bright reproduction of the American flag had printed on the back a reminder that July 4th is “the only American holiday that celebrates the United States of America.” It points out the “proud show of patriotism” that’s “a grand tradition.”

It offers reminders of the images, virtues and struggles, the sacrifices of veterans who have fought for democracy and the need for each generation’s support which epitomize this celebration of our nation’s independence.

While I strongly agree with this entire essay, I’m struck by the irony that it’s brought to the reader by a group of people whose ancestors suffered so much by those who came to their land centuries ago. The Native people were deprived of property, dignity and their own independence through the settlement and expansion of the newcomers into this country. Yet their descendants, with these few eloquent words, urge us to have hope and pride in our continued freedoms.

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Thank you for the reminder.

Lori McNulty

Lebanon (July 4)

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