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Anne Shordon-Ong's letter of Jan. 30 wants details regarding my letter Jan. 25. Did I miss your letter seeking details about this Mailbag letter Jan. 24? "We need to Remove Trump. We have a bad actor in the White house. We need to remove him."

Americans voted for Trump the "outsider." We're sick of political swamp creatures tethered to lobbyists and special interest groups, especially Pelosi and Schumer.

Pelosi refused to negotiate a wall that she previously voted for under another administration because of her hatred for Trump. She knew the shutdown would cost billions more than the paltry $5.7 billion our president was asking for the wall, and it did. Pelosi didn't care about cost or workers not collecting their paychecks. Trump cared and he ended the shutdown. Pelosi said if Trump ended the shutdown, Democrats would then negotiate. Pelosi lied and is still refusing.

Pelosi is who I blame for the shutdown and cost to taxpayers. We need that wall! Illegals cost American taxpayers an estimated $300 billion annually in government aid, and they're coached on how to receive this assistance. Why do we put up with aiding illegals in violation of federal laws? Many states allow illegals to vote with a drivers license received needing no ID. Los Angeles alone has 1.5 million illegals registered to vote. Americans, wake up!

One solution? Send the next bunch to Pelosi's walled compound in San Francisco, and to Beverly Hills instead of the Town Square in El Paso!

Nita Lowry

Brownsville (Feb. 3)

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