Can we please start to look at facts and be truthful?

The latest protest for our kids by unionized teachers is just another ruse for more money for PERS. It is always marketed as for the “kids,” but the only connection to the kids is that they will be the ones paying for the future PERS liability. And why do these protests always occur during a school day? It really is a form of bullying. Otherwise, hold the protest on a weekend.

The City of Albany has reported that PERS contributions increased by 6%. This increase will no doubt result in cuts to personnel. It’s no secret that Kate Brown and other elected Democrats have done nothing to solve the PERS problem. Currently, PERS is estimated to have a $27 billion deficit. She did suggest that educators contribute to their own retirement, but that didn’t go over well with the unionized masses?

Creating new business taxes is not a solution, but it seems to be all that Democrats know how to do. And the irony is so very thick. The teacher’s union and public employees union were two of the biggest supporters of Brown and her fellow Democrats. Well, folks, you have elected people with no clue as to how to solve this problem. Are you finally ready to elect some conservatives to manage our state?

If you are a Democrat and work for government, please step forward and take your lumps. Maybe losing your job will be a wake-up call on how you vote. The rest of us are tired of paying for your poor choices in leadership. Using past history as an indicator, continuing to elect Democrats will only further push our state into financial ruin.

John Robinson

Albany (May 10)

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