For decades, Linn County has been managed by the same crew. It's time to shuffle the deck. Let's start by replacing John Lindsey, who has been a Linn County Commissioner for almost 20 years.

Over those years, Lindsey's concern for Linn County's rural communities has been almost zero. Lindsey ignores increasing homelessness, mental health care needs, substandard county health programs, lack of affordable housing and poor communication with communities.

John Lindsey's answer to mental health issues is to cut nearly all funding for mental health care county-wide. Does Lindsey care about the 20 percent of Sweet Home's K-12 students who are un-housed? No. Lindsey has never approved Linn-Benton Housing Authority's programs which fund affordable housing for families.

In contrast, Stephanie Newton, who wants to replace Lindsey, will be a responsive and intelligent Linn County commissioner. Newton is concerned that Linn County is ranked 19 out of 36 counties on the health of our citizens. Newton wants collaboration between county and communities on establishing buffer zones between community boundaries and commercial marijuana operations. Stephanie wants to do more for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Stephanie believes in transparency in county government: citizens are entitled to access to Commission meeting agendas/minutes and audio recordings.

Stephanie is committed to honesty in government. Did you know that Lindsey is under investigation for an alleged ethics violation and has been documented on camera for removing others' campaign signs?

We can do better. Vote for Stephanie Newton for Linn County Commissioner.

Mandy Cole

Brownsville (Oct. 16)

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