I've been thinking about writing this letter for years, now I'm finally gonna do it.

For decades, I've been reading the opinion page's pontifications regarding the semiannual time change. And I gotta say: If the semiannual time change is anywhere near your priority list of things that you bellyache about, then life simply cannot be all that tough for you! I envy your utter scarcity of any problems of any import or substance.

With all the outrageous things we live with everyday, in comparison, semiannual time change pales to utter insignificance.

If it takes more than a couple of minutes to change your clocks, then time change ain't your problem. Too many clocks! That's your problem.

And all these "studies" trumpeting deleterious effects of time change are highly suspicious, I suspect. They are likely serving some alternative agenda, I would wager. One of the most outstanding characteristics of the human species is our amazing adaptability and time change is, at worst, a very short term annoyance that we very quickly adapt to.

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And yes, Congress is preoccupied — with vastly more important matters! Unlike the editorial page.

And calling it "tyranny" is a little over the top!

Now that we (thankfully) no longer have field burners wrecking our long lazy summer afternoons — those afternoons are priceless to me.

Bill Halsey

Albany (Nov. 1)

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