Marc Thiessen's entitled to glorify Donald Trump, though I don't agree. But his conflating of legitimate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism must be corrected.

Some Jews and Christians use cries of "anti-Semitism" as a club to silence dissent.

Yet many American Jews support Omar and Tlaib (calling them "self-hating Jews" is just another feeble attempt at silencing).

Jewish Voice for Peace: “Israel’s decision to bar Reps. Tlaib and Omar ... is the direct result of Congress’s unwillingness to hold Israel accountable for its racist and authoritarian policies. ... Now they have held a Member of Congress’s family hostage unless she agrees to censor herself. We have every right to demand our elected officials start holding Israel accountable. We are in awe of Rep. Tlaib’s courage and stand by her.”

Norman Finkelstein, author: Baruch Kimmerling, ... Hebrew University's late sociologist, ... said Gaza's the biggest “concentration camp” ... [Britain's] David Cameron ... said Gaza's an “open-air prison.” Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, referred to the “Palestinian ghetto.” So Omar and Tlaib are in good Jewish company in saying Israel is acting like Nazi Germany.

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Regarding “Benjamins,” historian Gil Troy found that American Jews gave 50% of all political donations received by the Democrats and 25% of Republican receipts, although they lean more liberal than pro-Israel. CUFI (Christians United for Israel) is blindly pro-Israel.

Criticism of Israel is not identical with hating or opposing the state. One criticizes those one loves to aid their growth; it's even biblical: "Whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth."

Israel’s an apartheid state — sanctions and criticism are called for to end Israel’s racism.

June Forsyth Kenagy

Albany (Aug. 24)

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