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Mailbag: They should pay for it themselves

Mailbag: They should pay for it themselves

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What is known now as the Green Zone in Baghdad was the site of Saddam Hussein’s palace, built for him by the Baathist Political Party, the only party he had to please.

It was and still is a walled compound, with gates that had armored vehicles parked at them. The Assassin’s Gate was infamous. If you stopped to look in as a citizen, the military at the gate would shoot at you.

In Portland, Oregon, for over 250 days, people attacked and attempted to destroy public buildings.  Progressive Democrats joined hands and declared that these people were peaceful protesters. A governor, a mayor and a progressive Democrat attorney general sued the President of the United States for trying to protect public property. Portland Police were nightly victims of rock-, bottle-, frozen-egg-throwing protesters who also used Molotov cocktails and committed the crime of arson.

In Seattle it was ruled that it was fine for people to take over a few blocks of downtown and turn it into a graffiti-stained sewer patrolled by people openly carrying firearms to keep out the police and people antifa and BLM didn’t want in the area.

Eventually some of the same peaceful protesters got to Washington, D.C. Now there is a fence around the Capitol, and those same progressive Democrats are demanding a ratio of four protectors per politician.

I believe that they should pay for it themselves, out of their salary. You can bet they will want people with guns. Don’t peek in the gate.

Randy C. Martinak




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