The Democrat-Herald, along with the rest of the mainstream news media, continues to carry the water for the race-baiting Democratic party. It has long been the practice that if you do not have anything of value to stand on, the first reaction is to scream racism. In this long election cycle we are in, this paper's theme has been to declare Trump a racist, when there is absolutely no evidence of it. The evidence is profoundly the opposite. Our president has done more to help the black community in two years than our previous president did in eight years; in fact the conditions for African Americans got worse during his reign.

Now our president mentions what a disgusting place Baltimore has become and it is automatically called racism. Notice it is always the progressive that says things about race. In fact, the top 10 worst cities in this nation as far as crime and societal meltdown are all cities that have long been controlled by the Democratic Party! But it is apparently racist to point it out.

Time for this paper to do its job and stop parroting everything the rest of the liberal media says. Time for a change at this paper.

Dennis Marks

Albany (Aug. 6)

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