President Trump and the sycophants in his inner circle have a plan to respond to the House impeachment inquiry and it can be summed up in three words; deny, deflect, delay.

He and his lackeys will deny any wrongdoing or that his actions are political in nature or intended for personal gain. They will deflect media attention toward the Bidens or Hilary Clinton or corruption in foreign governments. They will refuse to respond to requests for documents or information, demand a vote of the House in order to delay responses that will not be forthcoming, and then they will sue anyone to make congressional efforts move to the courts.

The current regime in the White House has no shame, no sense of civic responsibility, no interests outside of petty self-interest and personal economic gain, all abetted by House and Senate Republicans who refuse to condemn his egregious violations of his office and support the disastrous consequences on foreign and domestic policies.

Robert B. Harris, Ph.D.

Albany (Oct. 5)

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