Thank you, editor, for this forum. I read with interest Jay Burreson's letter. published in the May 29 newspaper. DH. I write because Jay answers his questions before he asks them, and unfortunately the answer is wrong.

We do need $1 billion in new taxes, but the cause is not a pension program with a 92% ratio of plan benefit obligations to plan benefit assets. That's the lie they want you to buy, and it's too costly for this voter.

The reason we need $1 billion in new taxes is because the majority of our forestlands have transitioned to Wall Street corporate owners, who pay enough in accounting and legal expenses that they pay no property taxes, and the remaining forestlands are subject to Bill Sizemore's property tax limitations.

Essentially, public employees are the collective scapegoat and thus forced to take the soiled end of the proverbial stick. Public servants, apparently because they are "less than" the rest of us, are taking up slack created by welfare fathers and a political hack so crooked he got forcibly banned from participating in democracy.

But I'm glad to see you're thinking about our state.

Steven Anderson

Corvallis (May 29)

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