What a week. The “chosen one” has really gone off-script the last few days. In addition to bowing to the National Rifle Association over an issue that the vast majority of Americans agree on, he gave one of his rally crowds an economic ultimatum, proposed buying Greenland, insulted the prime minister of Denmark, insulted the political independence of Jewish Americans, threatened to nullify the birthright provision of the 14th Amendment, and falsely accused his predecessor of a litany of wrongdoings. Meanwhile, many Republican pundits attribute this nonsense to “Trump being Trump.”

Unfortunately, “Trump being Trump” has lost whatever comic value it may have once had, and many of his acolytes should now be asking themselves if supporting four more years of this clownish behavior is worth the risk. Trump’s fragile ego, childish understanding, and impulsiveness may wind up leading this nation into a serious quagmire. I sincerely hope that this buffoon does not win reelection. I do not believe the republic can tolerate four more years of his administration.

On the flip side, if he loses in 2020 I am also concerned about the damage he might be able to do in the three months between the election and the inauguration of his successor. After all, Trump will still be Trump.

Kenneth R. England

Albany (Aug. 22)

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