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Mailbag: Tell politicians you want HR 763

Mailbag: Tell politicians you want HR 763


Mike Beilstein, in the July 8 GT, advocated for a fee and dividend plan to limit carbon pollution.

How will our lives be different when HR 763, “The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act,” is enacted into law?

With an annually increasing fee on fossil fuels’ carbon content, America’s carbon emissions should decrease by 40% in 12 years. Over many decades, and continued emission reductions, the climate’s periods of drought and deluge will slowly moderate. At the same time, household monthly dividends will increase each year as the emission fee rises. Together the fee and dividends will boost the use of clean energy products.

Innovation in battery technology will accelerate the trend toward electrification of everything. Electric lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, power washers and edgers will continue to replace loud gas-powered devices. The delivery trucks prowling our city streets will soon be powered by electricity. Imagine, city and school buses circulating through the city with barely audible noise and no emissions.

As internal-combustion engines lose market share to innovative and eventually cheaper electric cars, a noticeable decrease in highway noise and pollution is a certainty. Now is the time to accelerate the transition to a quieter, cleaner more livable future.

Sen. Wyden, Sen. Merkley and Rep. DeFazio need to know that you want HR 763 “The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act” enacted. Please take a few minutes to call or email them about this issue.

Jim Holm



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