I will vote for Democrat Jerred Taylor as my state representative to House District 15. Jerred is the only candidate taking the issue of climate change seriously.

In spite of most Republican politicians, from the Liar in Chief on down to his state and local representatives apparently not getting the memo on climate change, research meteorologists and climatologists have known about it for decades. When I was an atmospheric science graduate student in the 1970s, observations and numerical modeling were well underway and the message was clear: emit large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and global average temperature will rise.

Now here we are in 2018 and the science is validated: increasing temperatures; more intense storms; melting arctic sea ice. Yet the recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) indicates the situation is even more dire than earlier thought: increased CO2 will make matters much worse if we don't act to curtail emissions now.

Luckily, the Oregon Legislature will take up the issue with a "cap and invest" bill next year. It is crucial that this be passed.

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But doubtless Republican representatives will not take this issue seriously and come up with excuses to block it. So we need more sound representation in the Oregon Legislature.

I dream of a future without the harmful effects of climate change. But we need the best leaders to get us there. That is why I'm voting for Democrat Jerred Taylor for House District 15.

Bob Heald

Albany (Oct. 15)

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