If you’re in House District 15, you have an opportunity to vote for both an outstanding candidate and a quality person: Jerred Taylor.

In talking with Jerred Taylor about his experience, expectations and plans, I have found him to be sharp, engaging, and more than anything, deeply committed to all of his neighbors throughout our house district.

His is the timeless “bootstraps” story; a hard working small-town boy who has carved his own path into a successful career and a great life. But Jerred also knows that our area desperately needs representation that hasn’t been handed the keys to the castle; it needs a knight in shining armor to slay the dragons of well-funded special interests. Jerred is the only candidate we can trust to work to save the future of our area’s working families. He’s beholden to no one but the voters who will put him in office, and he is ready for the challenge.

I encourage neighbors reading this to reach out to Jerred Taylor if they have thoughts, ideas or questions. His devotion to our community is immense, and his desire to serve is earnest and pure. When you meet him, you’ll know: Jerred Taylor is the right person to represent us.

Jolene Thomson

Albany (Oct. 6)

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