There is a lot of talk about Medicare for All. This is my story about my Medicare coverage:

My monthly premium through Medicare is $135.50 to cover 80% of my illness. The additional 20% is picked up by an insurance company for a cost of $46 a month, which includes prescriptions, gym, no copay for primary doctor or urgent care. Some of my medicines are no cost to me.

In 2018, Medicare and the insurance company were billed $78,350.82. I only paid $1,284.23 for the year.

Why can't people of all ages have the same type of coverage? Even if there is a small tax needed in addition to what I am paying to help everyone be added?

Two sessions ago Oregon Legislators passed a bill to find out what was the best method of financing health care in Oregon. You guessed right: single-payer. They are now working on SB 770, which I support. I hope you do too.

Ray Hilts

Albany (Feb. 25)

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