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It turns out the primaries are more important than the general election in Oregon.

Unfortunately, voter turnout during the primary is low. In the governors race, we have nine Republican candidates and three Democrats. The primaries are a time to vote for the strongest candidate in your party,

Who can defeat the sitting governor by way of their stance on the issues? Strong candidates that win in the primary will have a better chance of winning the general election in November. It also means, who can we trust to keep their promises? If candidates are behaving badly during the primary you definitely do not want them in the general to be eaten alive. If a candidate can not run on their own merit they do not deserve my vote.

Riding on the coattails of President Trump doesn't do it for me either. Draining the swamp in Oregon means we need new blood, not the same old status quo. It means trusting the judgement of the seasoned leaders to know who they can work with to serve the wishes of the people. It mean educating yourself and running for a position when you know you have something to offer that others do not.

For these reasons I choose to support and vote for Jo Rae Perkins for House Congressional District 4. I believe in her ability to bring to the table that which has been ignored by others and to defeat and displace DeFazio's 30 years in the swamp.

Rebecca Young

Sweet Home (May 6)


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