Eighteen years after the savage attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, the United States struggles to find its cultural identity. We were lied to and quickly spent the original international sympathy for our cause by foolishly pursuing un-American geopolitical intrigue. Crimes against humanity were committed with no accountability.

There is much blame to be shared by all: the politicians, the intelligence community, the media, your neighbors and you.

Today, the drumbeat for expanded warfare is very loud. Wars are usually fought for economic reasons to hide what is actually happening in this sea of confusion. The latest ploy is to invest in green technologies to keep the "Everything Bubble" afloat, to once again bail out the failing central banking system. This will be encouraged by the constant screaming of your 13-year-old so that you “Do something!” to keep the planet from boiling over in 12 years. Honestly?

Contrary to this madness is Artemis, the twin sister of Apollo, the moon-Mars mission announced by President Trump earlier this year with the intent to land on the moon sometime in 2024 and establish a permanent human base there. It will expand American space exploration in partnership with other space-faring nations, ultimately developing the means to go to Mars.

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We need a national commitment to change our culture from one of death, drugs, mental and physical destruction, to one of hope, discovery and advancement of civilization. The answer lies above, in the stars.

Support the Artemis project!

Kevin Morgus

Albany (Sept. 22)

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