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Before I read all the hate Trump articles on Monday, decided to come out now. I support POTUS decision to pull troops from Syria. Campaigned on that promise — did it — for good reason; ISIS pushed way, way back; if needed we'll go back in.

So Mattis can't support POTUS, did the right thing to resign and Trump determined Mattis can't stay until end Feb 19. Drain the detractors.

The idea that border security wall shutdown hurts Fed and union employees because they live paycheck to paycheck is nuts. I'd like to meet someone in that category. Fed workers know the game and are generally paid — with more med benefits — more than private sector non-government employees. They accrue vacation benefits to take at will and have always been paid when shutdowns end.

I agree with POTUS, we need a border wall. Shutdown should last till liar Dems agree to wall/fence/steel slats. The lie is that we can have border security without those features. If Dems really believe that they should remove the front door from their residences. Now do you see the lie?

Tom Cordier

Albany (Dec. 23)

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